New Lux Tap Offs

The new lateral wings enable the end user to perform faster, smoother and safer installation.
No safety clips anymore!

NewLux Tap Offs

Instead of just quickly patching up the tap off and shipping a new version we decided to comb through every bit of the product line from front to back. Literally we took the lenght, internal parts, and tap off down to the studs and re-assembled them together, piece by piece, to create something unique and performing.

We then tested each piece independently to flush out all the bugs before putting it back together. And thanks to our amazing product team we feel more confident than ever about this release.
So what has changed?

The aluminum housing hasn't the rounded profile anymore but a rectangular one. This allows the new tap off design to grip and fit perfectly on the profile without any extra clip. This means LESS TIME FOR INSTALLATION = LESS PROBLEMS.

We changed the profile of SM and SFIP lines (with cables as well).
SBM will still come with older plastic jaws and clips... But we are working on this and we will refresh SBM very soon!
We still have a batch of old model. What do you need to do in order to order them if you want?

Well the old tap offs will fit perfectly on the new profile as well but the new ones WON'T FIT IN THE OLD PROFILE.
It's a bit tricky we know but it is necessary in order to pave the way to a new and more reliable line of products.
In order to purchase the new tap off you will simply have to add a final N to the code for example.

SM10A...SM10ACRN...SFIPN... And so on. Easy.

Feel free to email us at for any doubt or question about this release. We can't say thank you enough for your continued patience and support!