Busbar Trunking System


An amazing design that delivers great performances.

Super-easy to install, thin, light and robust. An elegant product line which guarantees high performances and long-term reliability. The monoextrusion process boosts all the housing functionalities and advantages.
Naxsolux represents a remarkable engeneering achievement driven by the ossessive attention to every detail evident in the enclosure.
It defenitely embodies all the drivers of our philosophy, enhancing our mission to manufacture accessible, cutting edge and uniquely-designed products.

A fluid body
with a genius heart.

When we envisioned the Naxsolux, we landed on an unbelievably thin and light design, without sacrificing features or perfomances. It took all our learning and best thinking to realize something so simple, so clear and truly extraordinary.
The Giugiaro design plus the mix of the extruded aluminum 6060-alloy enclosure and the 1050 - alloy conductors generate an unparalled lenght, 13% more performing than standard ones. We are proudly the only players on the market using the 1050 alloy.

Light. Pure. Uncutted. Robust.

Naxsolux was Engineered to reach many ambitious goals like being fluid, responsive and "straightforward".
Making a lighting bar this small was no small feat, but we rigourously questionned the way we designed in the past and we put all our effort and best thinking to realize something so smart, simple and durable. To achieve this each lenght undergoes an extrusion process ending up with an output that goes through several operations.
Many features at the price of one, Naxsolux is powerful and remarkably portable. With no doubt the best bar we've ever built.

Naxsolux is made with a level of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted watch - not a busbar.


4-6 Poles to rule them all

The wide choice among the Lux range extends not only to the models but also to the number of poles. Manufacturing the lenghts in 4 or 6 poles, we spot a great occasion offering something that would rule out the competition... And we couldn't pass it up!
Being able to provide the market with 6 copper-poles means that the customer solutions have nearly no boundaries.
The poles have been overdimensioned so that the joint is extremely reliable, allowing electrical transmissions and a low-voltage signals for data communications from 0 to 12 Volts.
Why Naxso Busbar Why Naxso Busbar Why Naxso Busbar

NaxsoLux » Technical Specifications

This tap off is provided with fuse protected contacts. The neutral is normally unfused and the cable lenght is 0,8 mt. Phases are identified by a coloured insert badge as all other naxsolux tap offs. The tap off material is in class V0 high mechanical resistance. Terminals in the tap offs are 2,5mm2. Side jaws are fitted with a strong spring and an additional security spring to prevent accidental removal of the tap off itself.

This tap off is fitted with 2 x 10A contacts with 2,5mm2. Terminable phase selectable up to 6 poles. If required additional poles can be installed but the cable must have a maximum diameter of 9mm. This item is provided with side jaw with spring. Gasket for IP55 is included and a coloured logo plug identifies the wiring.

This 6 poles tap off is the largest in the naxsolux range. It can contain up to 6 contacts fused or unfused. In the standard product it is fitted with a fuse protected contact and and another unfused contact. It holds internal wiring with one 3x2,5mm2 cable or with two 3x1,5mm2 cable should 2 circuits be required off the trunking for normal lighting and one for emergency.


Spare parts for SM tap off consist of contact and contact spring. If more contacts are required this spare part must be installed in the tap off taking care to insert the spring in the location matching the contact. After installation please make sure that the contact moves up and down although the tap off can be fitted with 6 contacts the maximum diameter of the cable must be 9,5mt.


Spare parts for 4 poles tap off. These parts are a contact holder unfused or a fusible contact holder.
Every spare contact is supplied fitted with a fuse CMCF or with the false fuse CMSF. All the spare unfused contacts are 16A rated. When a 16A contact is added in a SFIP tap off 4 poles the tap off capacity reamains 10A.

(SBM6A - SBM16A)

Spare parts for 4 poles tap off. These parts are a contact holder unfused or a fusible contact holder. Every spare contact is supplied fitted with a fuse CMCF or with the false fuse CMSF. All the spare unfused contacts are 16A rated. When a 16A contact is added in a SFIP tap off 4 poles the tap off capacity reamains 10A.



Weight and dimensions

Cod. AL Kg/lenght
(packing included)
L/mm Ampere Conductor
BA25A30 1,55 3MT 25
BA63A30 2,3 3MT 63
BA63A10 2,3 1MT 63
BA40A30 2,1 3MT 40
BA25A306 1,65 3MT 25
BA25A106 0,70 1MT 25
BA40A306 2,5 3MT 40
BA40A106 2,5 1MT 40
BA25A30D 3,1 3MT 25
BA40A30D 4,2 3MT 40
BA40A10D 4,2 1MT 40
BA40A30S2C 2,1 3MT 40
BA25A10S2C 1,55 1MT 25
BA63A30S2C 2,3 3MT 63
BA63A10S2C 2,3 1MT 63
BA40A10S2C 2,1 1MT 40
BA40A306D 3,3 3MT 40
BA25A106D 1,4 1MT 25
BA40A306D 5,0 3MT 40
BA40A106D 5,0 1MT 40
BA25A106D 1,55 1MT 25

12 months valid international warranty on all the Naxso labelled products. Naxso will not be responsible for any damages or misfunctionings due to third parties; for incorrect usage of the supplied equipment; for wrong installation of third parties to the customer; for major events or natural causes.

What’s inside the box


  • • 12 Naxsolux lenghts
  • • All these shells are made of resistant cartoon labelled with Naxsolux instructions on the top
  • • This packaging is valid for the 1 mt lenghts as well
  • • For different packages please get hold of the Naxso warehouse before the shipping at warehouse@naxso.com

NaxsoLux » Accessories

You will find all you need to perform an installation at the best

GFX naxsolux

GFX: the smart curve

One left feed and one right feed joined together and benefiting from a mechanical connection made of a super flexible PVC sheath. Comes into 2 models: the 25 and the 40A

GFX naxsolux

Tap offs for all tastes

A wide range of tap offs that covers all the necessary feeding needs of the customer, providing current to small machinery (ex: sewing) or office lighting for banks, open spaces, warehouses, shopping centers...



In case of the trunking subject to mechanical stress this protective sleeve in installed on the joint. Furthermore the IP55 protection is required. The fixing is provided by solid metal clips.



IP 55 Kit consists of a label, that can be installed according to the instruction manual, and a protection sleeve in rubber material.



Very compact feed compatible with 25A 1P+T+N and with 25A 3P+T+N maximum cable clamp is PG16 terminals 6mm2.



End cover kit to insulate the terminal conductors before installing the rubber cover.



Rubber outlet seal to cover tap off slot. It comes as an optional since standard lenghts are supplied with a special protective strong plastic label. The rubber is 3mm thick and ensures a high mechanical protection.



A fabolous range of every-day brackets. Available in steel/ aluminium for wall/ceiling fixings.

NaxsoLux » NEW 63 A (lighting 4-6 poles)