Busbar Trunking System

Do you have painting instructions (in case the installer/end customer wants to paint the busbar) for the Power Line?

Can a 25A lighting busbar be connected to a 40A one?

YES! All the lighting busbars have a 40A joint compatible with the 25A conductors..

Can a 63A lighting busbar be connected to a 40-25A one?

YES! The 63A model is bigger in range than a 40A joint but mechanically compatible.

Technically what do I end up with when I connect a 25A busbar with a 40A one?

The line must be derated to 25A.

Can I change the cable wiring into a mouse/big mouse?

YES! you can in both cases.

Can I use a 40A feed unit into a 25A line if I ocasionally miss one 25A unit?

YES! All 40A feed units are compatible with all ratings up to 40A but if you feed a 40A line with a 25A feed unit the line will be derated.

Can I connect a 6 pole 25A to a 4 pole 25A?


Can I connect a 6 pole 40A to a 4 pole 25A?


Can I connect a 6 pole 40A feed unit to feed a line made of 4 pole 25A?

YES but the result is a 25A line 4 poles.

Can i use any bracket for any rating of the Lux range?

YES! One bracket is for all ratings (25-40-63A).

Can I connect any LUX tap off to any lighting busbar of the range?


Can I have FUSES in a mouse tap off?

NO you cannot

Can I add contact pins into a mouse tap off?

YES up to 4 pins to have a total of 6 pins but you have to derate the cable to 0,75mm2

Can I add pins into a big mouse?

YES any pin fused or unfused to a total 4 pins as the standard come with 1 fused and 1 unfused

What pins can I have in a mouse tap off?

In a mouse you can have 10A contact pins or 16A ones.