Busbar Trunking System

Company Naxso

Company Naxso

NAXSO S.r.l. - Busbar Trunking System

Naxso S.r.l. is a Busbar Trunking Manufacturer.

Naxso S.r.l. experience comes from many years as first class installation company in Europe and Far East. Previous excellence as switchboard manufacturer has given Naxso people the needed know how to manage Busbar Trunking Technology.

Naxso S.r.l. style is modern design and easy installation products so everything is designed to be good looking modern and with the minimum number of operations to be placed and installed.

Main technical features are the use of Aluminium as housing and the use of special aluminium alloy as conductors.

NAXSO S.r.l. History

Naxso S.r.l. has been founded in 1982.
SDP means underfloor system, a system which allows to place power an telephone cables under any type of floor an, thanks to some accessories, to connect the working station to the electrical plants by floor turrets.

The most important firm of our mother company was, at that time, electrical plants which operated in the field of electrical industrial and civil installation (main works were electrical plants in hospital ,banks, motorways, industries and so on).In that field it was very important to install electrical plants in offices too and in that case the idea of underfloor system had a great success to the customers. On that purpose, in 1982 decided to separate the underfloor system production from the electrical installation branch.

On 1992 Naxso (that was the new name of new company) decided to separate totally from his mother company. It was decided a new name different from the one of the family to underline the autonomy of the society. Some managers accepted to be transferred to Naxso to increase the quality of the project and the production departments. The result of this choice is that Naxso items are the most imitated by the competitors.

Between the years 1992 and 1998 Naxso had some acquisitions other companies to obtain some new parts of the market and to connect to other complementary technological areas.
The first acquisition (for the 40% of share capital) has been Triom srl, a company which operate in the field of plastic moulding. It is one of the most important company operating in the north of Italy and it is skilled in research, development and production any type of moulds and components for plastics materials thanks to the modern project system.
The second acquisition (for the 40% of the share capital) has been Siprant srl, a company which is skilled research, development and production automatic machinery for production and assembly of mechanical parts. Siprant is skilled in working thin sheets as well.

With that acquisition Naxso company is able to answer to any kind of request concerning the production of accessories, brackets and plastic components.

After many years of experience in the field of electrical installation and in system to distribute energy, Naxso company has developed a new innovative line of Busbar trunking based on aluminium (conductor and housing). In 1997 Naxso had an important extension of its products.At the Intel exhibition in Milan was shown a new busbar products named Naxsolux.The production consist of 25-40-63Amp with 2-4-6 poles. Naxsolux system has a special use for lighting engeneering and distribution for small comsumption.

The produce has an extruded aluminium cover which guarantees a high mechanical sturdiness and a protection in a corrosive environment, much more than sendzimir sheet steel normally used for those products. The design was realized by "Giugiaro Design" with an aesthetic elegance suitable for industrial environment but above all in the tertiary sector where it is well integrated with the interior design.

In October 2001 the great success of Naxsolux system, permitted to develop the extension of the range of product with Naxsopower, Naxsosuperpower and Naxsocompact system. These system is directed to transport and distribution of electrical power from 40 up to 5000Amps.It has the same features of Naxsolux products.
Naxso company has its manufacturing area in its firm in Turin, in Triom and Siprant firms, a lot of component are manufactured by acertain number of small firms which work for Naxso as a sub suppliers. These firms work according to Naxso technology and project and they use Naxso moulds and machinery.
The Italian market is covered by agencies in twenty region with six district stores which can furnish directly all kind of articles.
Naxso products range are shown in two catalogues. The first one concern underfloor system and accessories. The second concerns the trunking system, it allows to be read all over the world without any translation thanks to a special graphic design, according to the last USA style for international catalogues speechless.

Naxso reference list has thousand firms, being the product sold by agencies net all over the world. For these reason there are not customer different from each other but for the purchase amount. Anyway we can list the most important ones.